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Choose from earrings, rings and necklaces at Teton Jewelers

Whether your favorite bracelet is broken or you're looking for a new brooch, you'll find what you need at Teton Jewelers. Our lead jeweler started out as a jewelry wholesaler more than three decades ago. He established Teton Jewelers in partnership with his son. Since opening, we've built a reputation as a trusted resource for jewelry repair and sales in Cheyenne. Round out your style with a new ring. Choose a gorgeous pendant made from elk ivory. Com to Teton Jewelers for all of your jewelry needs.

Start creating your one-of-a-kind accessory

Would you like to accent your dress with a new necklace? Want to create a stunning ring for your partner? Choose Teton Jewelers to make jewelry you or your loved one will be proud to show off. You'll work directly with our experienced craftsmen to ensure the finished piece is exactly what you want.

Come to Teton Jewelers for jewelry repair or custom jewelry creation. You'll love our selection, and our service.

We've cut out the middleman

Everything at Teton Jewelers, from creating elk ivory jewelry to repairing ring settings, is done in-house. This allows us to keep costs low and quality high.
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We also craft replica pieces using the lost-wax casting process. Stop by to check out the selection at Teton Jewelers, or call 307-635-5543 with any questions about our custom manufacturing work.

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