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Sheena J. in Cheyenne, WY
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I really was not sure where to take my wedding bands to get them resized. I read all the reviews here in Cheyenne and decided to go with Teton Jewlers. I had told the gentleman I wouldn't be able to come and pay for them until the end of the month and he said no problem although prior to me asking him if that would be ok he was going going to have them ready for me in just a couple of days. Anyway, we were down town and my husband said we could
pick them up so we stopped in and I inquired if they were done by chance but really did not expect them to be from what I had told him prior. They were not done however he said I can have them done at 230 and you can go walking out with your rings ! ( he was really funny ! ) we came back and they were all done he also shined and and played my engagement ring with Rhodium at no extra charge ! I told him I can't even tell that you resized them other than they fit now !!!! I can say I will not go anywhere else in the future and now and sure of where to go and will tell others ! Very nice , funny, excellent craftsmanship and very reasonable prices ! Can I give 10 stars ?! Thank you so much !