We Turn Elk Ivory Into Beautiful Accessories

Bring your elk teeth to Teton Jewelers

Wear jewelry that's uniquely yours. Come to Teton Jewelers for beautiful jewelry crafted from elk teeth. Bring in your elk teeth and we'll fashion a one-of-a-kind keepsake you can wear with pride. You'll have a necklace, ring or bracelet like no other when you commission Teton Jewelers to fabricate elk ivory jewelry for you.

Get in touch with our jewelry makers today by calling 307-635-5543.

Your personalized elk ivory jewelry is just around the corner

We take pride in using elk ivory to fabricate unique pieces that will add flair to your appearance. If you don't find the accessory you've always wanted in our inventory, you can work with a skilled craftsman to bring it to life.

Visit Teton Jewelers in Cheyenne when you're looking for beautiful elk ivory jewelry. You can also stop by our store for jewelry repair work. We're skilled in the use of the lost-wax casting process.